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Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

Jul 27, 2022

How many times in our lives have we come to battle, saw the giant, and then run the other way? Stop making excuses, stop being afraid!

The story of David and Goliath from the Bible actually tells the strong faith and deep love of God David had. When the champion Goliath came everybody ran off and David was there to...

Jul 20, 2022

You'll never get the weight off if you can't manage your impulses in the moment.

I get it. You're at a party and everyone's eating "what they want, when they want." You feel like you're missing out because you aren't eating the same thing at the same time as other people at the party.

But by showing restraint in that...

Jul 13, 2022

We're all in a fight of some sort, some mental and some are physical. I know a thing or two about fights and fighting your fight. Being an ex professional boxer is all about mental and physical toughness.

To fight the good fight is to do the right thing and to try to get others to do the same. Someone who is fighting...

Jul 6, 2022

Being unhappy is a baggage you keep choosing to lug around.

No matter where you go, whom you’re with and what’s happening around you, you are where you are – with the same crap you choose to lug around.

Problem is you never seem to be the one to blame for your own pain and suffering…

It’s your age. It’s your...