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Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

Dec 26, 2019

There are four habits that'll need to change in the first month of Code Red. We call it "Code Red housekeeping" and they might surprise you!


The first thing you're going to want to do when you get on Code Red is to clean out the four main areas. Cupboards, fridge, glove box, and your work desk.


Don't think I don't...

Dec 18, 2019

Everyone is searching for the "quick-fix" to health and weight loss, but there is no pill, drops, powder or snake oil bullcrap that is more powerful than real food, water, and sleep.


Cari and I understand that feeling of desperation and that might be what you're feeling right now, listening to us. But let me tell you...

Dec 11, 2019

In this episode, we talk about your pain being someone else's gain. The test that you went through has created the testimony and you're able to now share that with other people - Don't forget how powerful that is. Talk about finding the silver lining, right?

I mean, talk about taking a bad situation and turning it...

Dec 4, 2019

In this episode, I have a guest with me. Andrea Dell is a Code Red-certified coach. She heads up the copywriting department for Code Red. It was not an easy feat getting to the level that she is at right now.  If you would know her now compared to just a couple of years ago, she isn't even the same person.

As she...