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Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

Jun 29, 2022

Behind the mockery is some form of truth that should hurt.

Forget about the name-calling. Never mind getting called a “ninny”.

What you really should be sensitive about is why all the jeering keep getting on your nerves!

Is it the person making fun of you that’s causing you to get all hyped? Is it their choice of...

Jun 22, 2022

The world is already full of lies, but none of those need to come from you...

Because lies that come from ourselves are the hardest to overcome.

Someone outside you tells you you're fine, but you know you're not, so you dismiss it because you know it's not true.

However, the moment you tell yourself you “feel” fine,...

Jun 15, 2022

Social Media vibes are like: Feelings first…making sense last!

True, isn’t it?

How all the butthurt keyboard warriors are tearing down what could be a healthy and productive environment with their feelings?

Back then, the internet primarily carried a hefty bunch of reliable informative resources. But it has grown to...

Jun 8, 2022

With your mind sitting helplessly on the gutter, you’ve already lost the war.

We’re not just talking about the war against obesity, but also all other conflicts we face in our day to day lives!

Think about all the times you’ve raised two middle fingers to the world and said, “screw it”!

(You probably said...

Jun 1, 2022

Is someone listening?

The question a lot of us are always eager to ask but reluctant to hear the answer.

Because what if no one is listening?

If we can easily be offended when we’re talking to a friend while s/he is lazily scrolling on her/his phone, what more when we’re desperate for help and no one seems to return...