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Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

Aug 21, 2019

In this episode, I’m going to answer some questions that people ask me all the time. One of those that I get most often is, what made me the way I am? I’m going to share the story of the biggest moment in my life that shaped me into the driven, motivating, relentless, fearless person I am today. 


This moment happened in my childhood and I can guarantee you, it’s not what you’ll be expecting. Here’s a hint, it was a simple and subtle “I CAN” that helped me become fearless and confident in everything that I do.


Hopefully, I’ll get you inspired and encouraged in my backstory. And I hope this reaches some parents who are raising kids as well, because we want our children to be the best, yet stand up on their own when their grown-up.


Key Points Discussed:


- My passion, my calling. (01:09)

- A single reason why I am the way I am (03:39)

- Learning from crises and moving on (05:06)

- Bad things that happened make you a stronger person (07:17)

- Get to know little Cristy Code Red (08:12)

- The trip that shaped me from who am I today (13:09)

- Challenges along the way (18:28)

- A decisive and best decision of young girls (21:03)

- Lessons learned (24:44)

- The power of I CAN (28:41)

- Message to the parents (29:30)




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