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Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

Jun 5, 2024

Drug, food, and insurance companies, along with the government and the "health" care industry (among others), are getting rich off your obesity and poor health.

Here are a few stats to bring this fact to life for you:

  • The medical costs of an obese person are 40% higher than those of a non-obese person.
  • Obesity brings in a staggering $261 billion in obesity-related medical issues in the United States alone.

  • A 2022 study showed that obesity put people at a 71% higher risk for cancer.

  • In 2022, cancer drugs alone raked in $147 billion, and that’s projected to almost triple over the next 10 years.
  • A UK study showed that cancer cells don’t use ketones for energy, so diets low in carbohydrates and high in fat may help starve cancer cells by lowering glucose levels...which suggests that high levels of glucose, which typically result in high levels of insulin, may feed cancer cells. Bad news for today's sugar-addicted society.
  • A 2020 study in the National Survey of Children’s Health showed that one in six kids in the USA is obese. Childhood obesity has tripled since 1980. (All the stats above are gonna get worse as this generation of obese kids grows up.)

There's no money in healthy people, but there are BILLIONS of dollars (at least) in obesity and disease.

And the companies, broken "health" care system, and government getting rich off your poor health are counting on you to surrender your personal power to take control of your health, curl up with that comfort food, and line their pockets.

If that doesn't make you mad, it should.

To find out more about why you’re manipulated into hurting yourself to make companies and the government money, plus how the system is set up to make you and your kids sick, fat, and dependent on food that slowly poisons you, check out this episode.

It's time to take your power BACK!


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