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Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

May 22, 2024

This episode is all about the impact YOU can make. People are watching your weight loss journey, and they want what you have. (Just because they don’t “follow” you doesn’t mean they don’t follow you!)

You do NOT have to be an influencer, business owner, YouTube star, or "famous" in some way to make a difference.

Your coworkers are aware that you passed up the pizza and instead brought your own lunch. They've noticed that you're setting boundaries.

Your resolve, your strength, your commitment, your dedication, your discipline...they're noticing it all, even if they don't say ONE SINGLE WORD.

People who don't have structure, but see you implementing it and wish they could do it, too...they might make jokes or tease you, but behind that laugh is probably someone who's frustrated with themselves and wants what you have.

Make no mistake: people are watching you. That means YOU have an opportunity to inspire them (just like someone you watched probably inspired you).

Tune into this episode to learn more about the positive impact you can make on the people who are watching you (especially if you're part of the Code Red Referral Partner Program!).



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