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Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

May 8, 2024

A friend of mine recently had a miscarriage. This was after going through IVF, hormone treatments, and working SO hard to get herself healthy, so she could get pregnant and carry a fetus.

It was tough. But she began to come up with a plan, which was to get back to baseline, because she’d gained 15 pounds doing IVF and wanted to lose that.

I suggested that what she needed was to reset and recover, and give herself time to heal her grieving heart.

Resetting and recovering are things many people dismiss as "being weak" or "wasting time"...OR as something you only do if you've gone through an accident, miscarriage, divorce, loss, or some other tough experience.

But the reality is, resetting and recovering is good to do in a lot of different situations.

Yes, there are times to push.

There are also times to reset and recover.

To be clear, reset and recover doesn’t mean you go backwards.

To find out what it DOES mean, and how to use it to be successful in your weight loss, join me for this episode!


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