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Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

May 15, 2024

People often manage to stay motivated Monday through Thursday.

But halfway through Friday, the weekend mindset kicks in and they start taking a break from caring.

By Saturday, they're checked out; and on Sunday, they're mustering their strength for the week ahead.

If your goal is to rest and recover during the weekend, that's one thing.

But if your goal is to get and keep the weight off?

"Taking your weekends off" from healthy eating is a sure way to drag out weight loss mode…indefinitely.

Whether it's margaritas with your co-workers Friday night after work, Dominos with your family for lunch on Saturday, or Golden Corral after church on Sunday, you end up dehydrated, tired, and inflamed.

Then Monday rolls around, and you start the process all over again...all because you let your weekend become your weak end.

If you're stuck in this cycle, tune into this episode for tips on how to stop weak endings to your weeks, so you can be DONE losing weight.


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