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May 29, 2024

In this new podcast episode, I'm talking about the top three things I would change if I were to start Code Red over again.

Code Red’s been around for fourteen years. It was 2017 when it really took off.

The way I run things now is different in a lot of ways than how I ran things back then.

Some things I absolutely would not change, but some things I for sure would.

What I hope you'll take away from this episode is:

  1. Stuff's always gonna happen that you can't predict, but it can't be an excuse not to take action (0r you'll never get anywhere).

  2. You can't change what happened in the past. You can only learn from it and use those lessons to make better decisions moving forward.

  3. No matter what you do, not everyone's going to like it when you're YOU. Conforming to what "everyone else" thinks of you is a sure way to feel resentful and miserable for most of your life.

To hear the three things I'd do differently if I were starting Code Red over, and why they inspired the takeaways I shared above, check out this episode.


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