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Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

Aug 14, 2019

Newsflash: nobody cares as much as you think. 


We're all wasting time worrying about whether someone is gonna like what we're wearing or how our hair is fixed.  But the reality is - that person is too worried about what you think of THEM! So get rid of those thoughts because they don't matter.


In this episode, I will be very straight forward, frank and give you some dose of reality. More often than not, we always tend to think about what other people are gonna say about us, how do we look, what clothes we wear or simply what they think of us. 


But wait!! 


Have you ever thought they’re just doing the same? They think the same as what you think, wasting time and energy thinking about what other people think about themselves. This is a sad reality and I want to tell you that you NEED to ditch those thoughts and change your mindset. You can live your life without thinking how they think about you because... honestly, NOBODY CARES.


Key Points Discussed:


- I appreciate you (01:07)

- A dose of reality (04:37)

- Be the best version of yourself (06:46)

- A waste of energy (09:55)

- 2 thoughts to focus on (12:51)

- Shift your mindset to things that matter (13:49)

- Quit borrowing trouble (17:55)

- Arrest those thoughts (18:35)

- Be careful with the people that you hang around (19:45)

- Always assume positive intent (22:19)

- Free yourself up (23:22)




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