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Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

Jul 17, 2019

In this episode, we’re doing Instagram Q & A again because we’ve got a lot of requests from Code Red fans who wrote in from Instagram and it was very well received last time we did this.


As expected, I answered them unscripted, unfiltered, honest and as candidly as I could, and I’ll be doing the same thing again in this episode.


These questions are from real people who have asked on Instagram and they have given me permission to share their names and shoutout. We covered a lot of topics from general questions about weight loss, the best choices you can use for a healthy diet, fat vs muscles, and preparing for the weight loss challenge, and much more. This is going to be fun! Listen in and I hope you learn something from this episode. Rebel On...


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Key Points Discussed:


- Can you drink too much water?  (02:56)

- Traveling tips  (06:51)

- The truth about exercising and weight gain (07:25)

- Numbers in measuring your food intake (08:45)

- The “morning” ritual (9:25)

- Good, better and best choices (11:36)

- Macros or Calories on weight loss  (14:07)

- People always do borrowing trouble (15:04)

- Do muscle weighs more than fat? (16:38)

- Things to prepare for the weight loss challenge (18:28)

- The difference of someone on maintenance or weight loss program (21:36)

- Way to avoid self-sabotage in weight loss (23:36)




Get your FREE copy of the On-The-Go Guide for Code Red approved food here:


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