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Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

Jul 10, 2019

Quitting without hitting your goal or without even trying is not acceptable - simple as that. It is just not okay to stop in the middle, or short of, a goal you are trying to accomplish. We’ll dive into why being ok with mediocrity and accepting average is undesirable in getting what you want and reaching your goals - whether that be in weight loss or your other personal goals. 


By the end of this episode, I’ll have covered all areas of your life that you might have fallen short and tell you how you can get up and aspire for more in your life. Listen in and be empowered.

you can get up and aspire higher in your life. Listen in and be empowered.


Key Points Discussed:


- Plans without action (01:15)

- You only fail when you give up (02:55)

- Goals and program working together (04:40)

- Do you have an alternative in reaching your goals? (05:25)

- People getting in the way (8:22)

- “Good enough” is never good enough (10:22)

- What happens if everyone falls short of goals? (12:40)

- Get that mindset and carry on (13:50)

- Fall down, get up and keep moving (15:32)




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